The Mornington Peninsula Interfaith Festival is a not-for-profit festival that relies on volunteers, sponsorship and in-kind support.



If you are interested in joining our enthusiastic team of community members who each year volunteer their time to make the Interfaith Festival a success, please ring Judy O'Donnell on 0400 088 410.



The Mornington Peninsula Interfaith Festival would not be possible without the continued support of sponsors. If you are an individual/company/business/organisation that would like to sponsor the Festival, please ring Judy O'Donnell on 0400 088 410.

In 2015, we would like to acknowledge and thank the following corporate sponsors for their generous support:

Mornington Peninsula Shire Logo  
Victorian Multicultural Commission


In 2015, we would also like to acknowledge the following businesses and community organisations for their support:

  • Mornington Peninsula Interfaith Network
  • The Order of Australia Association - Mornington Peninsula Regional Group
  • Girl Guides Victoria
  • University of the Third Age (U3A) - Mornington Peninsula Group
  • One Voice Choir - Creativity Australia
  • Gopals Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Campfire Film Festival